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Paul, Anthony, and James did such a wonderful job. Always timely, and took time to explain what was going on. Room looks great.

SERVPRO employees were thorough & hardworking, respectful and quick to respond to our call.

The team was responsive and very knowledgeable. The crew chiefs Paul & Brandon took time to explain what they were doing and any next steps. The techs James and Jagon were very professional while working in my home. I’d recommend this team for any needed repairs.

We were very happy with our experience! Paul, James, Brandon, Jason and Anthony were great and very helpful during this not so great experience. From start to finish they were informative, professional, and great guys. Hopefully we won't have to use them again, but if we do I would be confident that we will be taken care of.

Very professional and thorough. Paul and James’s were extremely knowledgeable and were quite verbal in the steps that were needed to get the issue resolved. They are quite a pleasure to work with and recommend them to anyone in the future. I’m grateful for all they provided.

Paul and James were prompt, courteous and the work was professionally done!  


Great response and communication from the team. Incredible and thorough effort. Paul, James, Jason and Brandon came in and we're very happy with the results.

Brandon and Jason did an excellent job! On time, professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. They went out of their way to make sure everything was done properly and that we were pleased. Thanks guys!!!

My experience was very pleasant. I had extensive water damage both to ceiling and floor and they did an outstanding job. My insurance claim covered tons and the work that was performed was top notch. In my 2018 experience I was happy with the outcome - I would have them back any time to do additional work should I ever need it - they did a great Job.

Great job SERVPRO team!  I am glad that my basement was not as bad I thought.  Thanks for being honest and efficient!

Chris, Thanks for coming out so quickly to take a look at my attic!  I felt much better about the situation after we looked at it. Thanks for answering my questions...

Hi Chris, 

We think you did an excellent job and were not intrusive at all... I would certainly recommend your company in the future.



I called SERVPRO because I apparently had mold growing throughout my home for quite some time that I didn't notice. I called to have someone come out to inspect some discoloration in my bedroom that turned out to be mold and it was in more than just my bedroom. I scheduled a mold remediation and the crews got to work right away setting up plastic sheeting to contain their work areas to stop any spread of airborne mold spores once it had been disturbed. When they finally did begin to remove drywall they discovered a water intrusion that had been the source of where the mold was growing and it was very extensive. I want to thank SERVPRO for finding the cause and fixing my problem, I'm relieved to know the mold is gone and would recommend SERVPRO of North East Chester County for anyone else experiencing mold problems. 

I was having ceiling tiles in my basement replaced and the company that I hired found evidence of rodents nesting in my ceilings. The company said they could not continue until professionals came in to clean and sanitize the ceiling joists and ceiling tile tracks and they recommended I call SERVPRO. I was not disappointed, 2 crews came out and did a great job of covering all my furniture and carpets with plastic to keep them safe from falling rodent feces and continued to dispose of the old ceiling tiles and sanitize everything that may have come in contact with them. There were 3 men and one woman who were all extremely polite and communicative keeping me up to speed on their progress because it actually turned out to be a lot worse than previously expected. I'm happy to say they did a great job and I can rest easy knowing everything was properly cleaned, I even had them clean my air ducts and carpets after the fact and I would use them again in the future. 

I experienced a water loss underneath my kitchen sink that ran out into my kitchen and ruined my floor. I called SERVPRO of North East Chester County to come out and dry it up. Unfortunately the flooring would not dry without being removed so the guys had to do some demolition. Mike, Alex and Erika were out the day that I called and reassured me throughout the whole process that they would take care of everything. These guys were great, they did everything they said they would and more, including putting a new laminate floor down and it looks awesome. They did their work but I also really enjoyed our conversations for the time they were there, they were all really great people. I would recommend SERVPRO of North East Chester County any day to my family and friends, the crew was so nice and respectful.