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Water Leak in Phoenixville Business

SERVPRO of North East Chester County knows the differing stresses and concerns that come along with owning a business versus a home when a water loss is experienced.  Both can really upset your normal routine, and have unexpected costs associated with them.  However, when it is your business, you not only have to worry about fixing the problem, but also with trying to keep your business operations at a reasonably normal level.  That is why we strive to work quickly and definitively, putting together a scope of work that will be as non-invasive as possible to you, your employees, and your customers.  There will undoubtedly be some aspects that are unavoidably inconveniencing, but wherever we can tailor fit the drying process to your needs, our team goes the extra mile.  

Commercial Water Loss in Phoenixville, PA

If you are a business owner, the last thing you want to experience is something like an unexpected water loss, that can interfere with "business as usual."  Unfortunately, these things happen, and when they do you need to bring in the best, most efficient and professional restoration company to get you back on track as soon as possible.  Luckily, this business owner in Phoenixville, PA called in the pros: SERVPRO of North East Chester County.  Our highly-trained, customer service-minded crew of technicians were able to quickly assess the damage and provide the business owner with a scope of work and initial estimate that made them feel comfortable and back in control of the situation.  Our team detailed the steps of the drying process and then executed to perfection, working around the business owner's schedule to restore them to normal while interfering as minimally as possible with their normal business operations.  

Out of Sight, Out of Mind in Spring City, PA

Commercial properties often have much-needed and much-utilized storage closets and spaces where it may be easy to neglect ares of concern.  Supplies are stocked and pulled in time crunches and usually no one is just hanging around, watching the walls... If you find mold or moisture in these types of areas in your business, call SERVPRO of North East Chester County!

Deodorization & Biohazard Remediation in Spring City

Trauma, crime scenes, biohazard situations are all unfortunate occurrences, but a part of life that need professional remediation.  In this Spring City business, SERVPRO of North East Chester County was called in to take care of just such a scenario - note the Hydroxyl Generator hard at work purifying the air and taking care of malodors.

Spring City Leaky Roof Causes Mold

While focusing on the immediately-apparent roof leak in this Spring City institution, mold was quietly growing behind the scenes - several floors down, and hidden in a closet.  We were able to remediate and restore the building to a safe, healthy, happy environment!

Water Damage Led to Mold in Phoenixville

This Phoenixville business owner experienced an unfortunate water damage, but that was just the beginning, as mold soon joined the party!  Neverthless, we at SERVPRO of North East Chester County were able to take care of it all and keep business as close to usual as possible in the process.