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How To Maintain Your Commercial Roof

5/13/2021 (Permalink)

Roof repair, worker with white gloves replacing gray tiles or shingles on house with blue sky as background Commercial roof maintenance.

Tips For Maintaining Your Commercial Roof

It is easy to ignore the roof of your commercial building. After all, you do not typically look at the roof during a given workday. You probably focus your maintenance and repairs on the walls and floors that you can easily examine. Yet your roof needs plenty of attention, as well. A roof leak during a storm could be disastrous for your North - East Coventry, PA, business.
With regular upkeep of your roof, you can reduce the risk of flooding during a severe weather event. This, in turn, should limit your need for emergency restoration services. 

1. Keep It Clean
A worn-down or dirty roof is more likely to fail during a storm. To make sure your roof is strong enough to withstand rain, snow and wind, you should remove any debris immediately. A buildup of leaves and other items could cause a growth of algae and mold that weakens the roof.
Keeping the drains and gutters clear is also important. A clog in either of these areas can cause a roof leak.

2. Trim Trees
Storms do not just bring rain and snow. Wind damage is also quite common. If trees are too close to your building, branches could blow off those trees and onto the roof. You should thus have the trees pruned regularly. This should also prevent nuts and leaves from falling into the gutters.

3. Get an Inspection
A professional contractor will notice potential trouble spots on your roof that the untrained eye could miss. Have the pro inspect your roof at least twice per year. The expert should specifically look for sagging areas or cracks. He or she should also check near the eaves, vents and skylights.
Even a minor roof leak can cause a lot of harm over time. If you clean the gutters, trim nearby trees and hire an inspector, your roof should sustain minimal storm damage.

How To Pick the Best Fire Restoration Company

4/29/2021 (Permalink)

Three man in front a truck box taking a picture Choose experienced professionals, choose SERVPRO of North East Chester County.

Three Tips For Choosing The Right Remediation Business

After a commercial fire, you need to find a company that will clean up your building. There are multiple fire damage restoration companies available, and it can be hard to tell which one is best.

1. Pick a Well-Respected and Experienced Company
Look for a professional remediation business that has been around for decades. Its employees are more likely to have lots of experience dealing with a variety of cleanup sites. The workers know exactly how to restore the various parts of your building. Make sure the business has performed plenty of recent fire restorations as well.
You can also go online to see which companies in your area get the best reviews. You can have more confidence that those businesses can perform the restoration properly.

2. Pick One That Works With Your Insurer
Your insurance provider is an important part of the fire damage restoration. You are likely to use insurance to cover the fire and smoke cleanup costs.
To ensure this process is as painless as possible, choose a remediation business that works directly with your insurer. Ideally, the insurer and the remediation experts can negotiate with each other so you can focus on keeping your business running.

3. Pick One That Provides Detailed Assessments
Dealing with the aftermath of a commercial fire is stressful enough. You do not want to deal with unwanted surprises during the restoration. Choose experts who provide a detailed damage assessment at the start. This way, you know exactly what the pros are doing and how much it will cost.
Fire damage restoration is a tough job. If done improperly, the remediation could cause you additional stress or even do further damage to your Birchrunville, PA, property. That is why you need to choose experienced professionals who give detailed estimates and work with your insurance provider.

Is It Safe for Employees To Work During Restoration?

4/21/2021 (Permalink)

Outside of a commercial building surrounded from flooded waters Storm damage to a building in South Pottstown, PA.

When your commercial buildings have been affected by significant storm damage that requires professional repair and reconstruction work, you may wonder when it's safe for employees and tenants to return. For example, when black water from flooding brings dangerous contaminants into your buildings, how soon will it be safe for people to re-enter your property?

OSHA Regulations

One of your main concerns should be compliance with regulations from the Occupational Safety and Health Act (or OSHA.) the point of these regulations is to make sure that the people in your place of business are assured of "safe and healthful" conditions. Some of the points to consider include

  • Protection from unreasonable danger, including imminent natural hazards
  • Employers must consider obvious safety concerns before asking employees to return to the workplace
  • Employees who feel that they have been placed in imminent danger may complain to OSHA
  • Fact sheets from OSHA are available for commercial property owners

As soon as your property is affected by flooding and during flood cleanup, it's important that your employees and tenants stay away.

Black Water Concerns

What's the big deal about black water? This contaminated water often comes from backed-up sewer systems, flooding toilets, water from storms and flooding, and similar situations. Its origins mean that this water may contain raw sewage, animal feces, harmful chemicals, and hazardous pathogens. When this water gets into your South Pottstown, PA, buildings, you must keep all employees and tenants away. Water damage cleanup and disinfection professionals have the supplies and personal protective equipment to safely resolve the problem.

Professional Cleaning Results

Once any demolition, reconstruction, and disinfection work have been completed, cleanup professionals may tell you that your buildings can be used again. During the cleanup and restoration process, a variety of cleaning, disinfection, and air filtration supplies are used to create a safe environment. At this point, your commercial property should be safe once again.
Black water and other hazards that result from storm damage pose serious risks. As an employer and property owner in South Pottstown, PA, you have the responsibility of ensuring the safety of the people working and living in your commercial buildings.

Learning the Differences Between Mitigation and Restoration

4/5/2021 (Permalink)

ceiling damaged by water Commercial damage in Charlestown, PA.

Mitigation vs Restoration

As you seek a flood cleanup company to bring your Charlestown, PA, business back to normal, you might hear about mitigation and restoration services. If you are new to these procedures, they might sound interchangeable, but they contain significant differences. Improve the recovery of your business building by learning more about the varying ways these procedures contribute to that goal.

Overall Purpose
Both mitigation and restoration aim to bring back the establishment. However, they have different purposes. Mitigation is immediately performed once the specialists have inspected the damage and obtained all the information. It is meant to provide some stability and prevent further damage before it continues to escalate. Restoration is the second part of the process that actually repairs and replaces items and materials as needed, which can bring your business back into a functional shape. Since these steps are connected, you can expect a restoration company to also provide mitigation as a service.

Procedures and Tools
The professionals of the flood cleanup company will use different methods and tools for both procedures. For instance, mitigation requires smaller operations such as:

  • Covering roof damage with tarp
  • Boarding up broken windows, doors and holes with plywood
  • Drying wet items and suctioning water from property
  • Removing fallen trees and branches
  • Building support to maintain the building's structure

Mitigation uses simple materials like tarp and wood to prevent potential future damage. Meanwhile, restoration requires more procedures and tools depending on the extensiveness of the damage. They usually involve repairing broken objects, replacing deeply affected materials or combating mold.

Mitigation is meant to be a quick process where the technicians must act fast and prevent more damage. Therefore, you can expect it to be a relatively fast process that occurs near the beginning of the treatment. Meanwhile, restoration involves multiple, complex activities, so it might take longer. Successful damage control can help reduce this time.
While mitigation and restoration are helpful towards the return of your business, they have different timeframes, purposes and resources. A flood cleanup company offers these and several other services.

Fire Extinguisher 101

3/26/2021 (Permalink)

Man using fire extinguisher to stop fire in the office. Concept of protection and security A fire extinguisher can be your best friend.

When And How To Use A Fire Extinguisher

If the smoke alarm in your Valley Forge, PA, is triggered, it often feels like a scary and chaotic situation. In the case of a small fire, using a fire extinguisher may solve the problem and help avoid extensive repairs by fire damage and restoration specialist. Before trying to put it out, it is important to consider the situation and know how to use the device.

When to Use
Your home is filled with memories, so trying to save them often immediately comes to mind. Luckily, fires tend to start small. If caught soon enough, having a fire extinguisher is vital to put it out. Unfortunately, fire spreads fast. Consider the following when deciding if the flames can be extinguished.

Not all extinguishers are the same. Verify that the one in your home is tested and the device is designed for different kinds of fire.
Ensure everyone in the home has been notified about the fire and emergency services have been called.
Verify you have a safe escape route in case the fires spreads too fast.
Since extinguishers come in many sizes, verify that you are physically able to use them the right way.
If in doubt, leave the fire to the professionals.

How to Use
While you may feel confident that you can handle the fire, you may not be as comfortable using the device. Most manufacturers use the same method for use, which is as easy as remembering the word “PASS.”

Pull the pin
Aim low
Squeeze the handle
Sweep side to side

Ensuring the last step is focused on the base of the fire. Continue doing it until the fire is out. If it happens to start up again, repeat the last three steps.
Whether faced with a small kitchen fire, flames in a trash can or other minor incident, a fire extinguisher can be your best friend. Before using it, the safety of everyone in the home needs to be considered first.

A Quick Guide To Fixing Leaking Toilets

3/15/2021 (Permalink)

Leakage of water from a toilet due to blockage of the pipe A leaking toilet can cause damage to your home in East-West Pikeland, PA.

If you experience a leaking toilet in your home, you can either fix the problem yourself or hire a plumber to handle the task for you. Whichever you choose, the matter needs to be rectified fast before sewage seeps out and ruins your floor, walls or cabinetry, thus requiring the rebuilding services of a water damage restoration expert. The following guide can help prevent this scenario from unfolding in your restroom.

Leaky Toilet Causes

A number of concerns are known triggers for bathroom leak disasters. Some of the most common include:

  • Worn out flappers
  • Loose base seals
  • Cracks in the tank or bowl
  • Rusty pipes

Those fearful of fixing a leaking toilet on their own must immediately seek professional assistance.

Leaky Toilet Fixes
If rusty pipes or a crack in the bowl or tank is not the cause of your leak, grab a wrench and use it to disconnect the shutoff valve from the supply tube. Drain the toilet before removing the caps that cover the closet bolts and taking off the hex nuts. Instead of grabbing your toilet by the tank, hold it firmly around the bowl as you carry it onto a sheet of cardboard or blanket you feel comfortable discarding.
Your following mission is to scrape off the old gasket from the closet flange. Once the screws securing it have been loosened, hook on the repair strap underneath. Next comes replacing the wax gasket, which has to be centered precisely on top of the flange.
Connect the water supply tube to the fill-valve shank located at the base of the tank. Compress the gasket by pressing down on the bowl. Repeat this action after replacing the bolts. With a hacksaw built for close-quarter usage, trim the bolts and then tighten them. After replacing the caps, you only need to reconnect the supply tube to the shutoff valve and then reopen it.
Whenever you discover a leaking toilet in East-West Pikeland, PA, urgent attention becomes necessary. Hiring a plumber or closely following the preceding steps means you should have a properly functioning commode in no time.

To Do Or Not To Do?

3/10/2021 (Permalink)

Furniture, home ornaments burned Fire damage

To Do Or Not To Do?

When tragedy happens to your home such as a fire and you see everything you own affected due to the fire/smoke that was in your home there are a few things to help not further any damage to your belongings. 

1. Make sure that if it is necessary to move contents in your home around to always keep your hands clean, that way you do not cause any further damage to your upholstery or walls. 

2. Always place a clean towel or old linen down in high traffic area to avoid damaging any flooring that may have been able to be restored.

3. Always make sure your electricity is turned off. Once it is safely turned off dispose of all food in the fridge/freezer and keep items that can be salvaged. Then make sure to prop open the doors.

4. Houseplants can be saved! Just make sure to clean both sides of their leaves!

What NOT to do yourself:

1. Do not attempt to wash or wipe down walls yourselves. SERVPRO of North East Chester County has specialty items and a certified team to come in and clean with our specific tools and equipment to ensure proper cleaning for your home. 

2. Do not consume any food that may have been affected by the fire. 

3. Do not try to wash your own clothes as it may damage your personal washing machines due to the intense smoke odor. SERVPRO of North East Chester County can take care of that for you. We will bag it up and have specialist take care of it for you!

SERVPRO of North East Chester County has detailed and certified technicians to property restore your home to become "your home" again with our intense fire training and knowledge. 

3 Ways the SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team Can Help Your Business

2/24/2021 (Permalink)

Three people in front of a green truck Our team is standing by to make it “Like it never even happened.”

These Are Three Of The Ways Our Team Can Help Your Business

The SERVPRO disaster recovery team is staffed with the best of the best of our restoration professionals. We prequalify and strategically place our large-loss specialists to handle any size disaster quickly and professionally. 

1. Timely Mitigation
Our network of strategically placed storm response teams is on standby 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. The ability to mobilize 1,700 locally-owned franchises ensures that no disaster is too big for our team. All large losses are supervised by a commercial operations manager who makes sure all of our clients receive seamless communication and timely mitigation. SERVPRO professionals are Faster to Any Size Disaster.

2. Experience You Can Count On
Our disaster recovery team has worked with the hospitality industry, universities, municipalities, property managers and the Pentagon. We are ready to help whether you are recovering from a hurricane, tornado, flood, or blizzard. Our professionals have responded to major disasters across the country, including the California wildfires, major hurricanes, widespread flooding events, severe winter weather events and more. Our team is prepared to handle unpredictable and rapidly changing conditions.

3. National Reach With Local Expertise
The partnership between our Commercial Large Loss Division and 1,700 local franchises provides our team with the resources of a big company and the expertise of a locally owned franchise in Kimberton, PA. Our locally owned storm damage mitigation experts are the preferred vendor of many insurance companies and are prepared to utilize local partnerships with vendors and insurance professionals to best serve our clients.
When a major disaster strikes you need a disaster recovery team you can rely on. SERVPRO has the experience, resources and training to provide fast, professional mitigation services no matter what size, type or severity of disaster you are dealing with. Our team is standing by to make it “Like it never even happened.”

3 Steps To Take After an Incident Involving Sewage Backup

2/17/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technicians getting inside a van a dehumidifier, drying equipment Sewage backup is a job for the experts at SERVPRO!

3 Steps To Take After an Incident Involving Sewage Backup

Sewer damage like cracked sewer lines may result in a sewage backup. This can in turn lead to problems like a flooded toilet or floor. There are certain steps you should take if you encounter such difficulties.

1. Evacuate the Vulnerable
Sewage can pose a serious health hazard. It may be filled with toxic chemicals, pathogens, dangerous microbes, disease and other lethal substances. Certain groups are more susceptible to the risks associated with such materials. Those that fall under this umbrella include:

  • Elderly individuals
  • Children
  • Immune-compromised people

They need to be removed from the affected area as soon as possible and not allowed to return until proper sanitization has taken place. Even if the overflow is on a small scale, it is better to be safe and ask them to leave.

2. Contact the Appropriate People
You may need to consult a professional remediation company in Chester Springs, PA, depending on how widespread the issue is. It is essential to inform the sewage company of what is going on. If the cause is in the main public sewer system rather than within your commercial property's, they need to pinpoint the location of the sewer damage/source and fix it. You may also need to call your utility providers and have them shut off the water and electricity to stop the surging waste and minimize electrical threats respectively. You should also notify your insurance carrier of the situation and begin gathering evidence like photos for your claim.

3. Clean
Employing a professional is strongly advised, but there are measures you can take on your own. If there is standing water, it needs to be sucked up with a wet vacuum or pumped out. You should take any salvageable dry items somewhere else and throw out contaminated ones, along with saturated materials like carpet and insulation. All surfaces that came into contact with the fluids need to be scrubbed with hot water and disinfectants.
The negative consequences of sewer damage may cost you a great deal of time and money. It is a good idea to contact professionals if the extent of the mess is severe.

During Regular Building Maintenance, Remember To Check Your Ceiling

2/3/2021 (Permalink)

Mold growth on ceiling tile Tile mold on ceiling in Spring City, PA

When it's time to do preventative maintenance at your Spring City, PA, facility, don't overlook your ceiling tiles. Most commercial buildings have long-lasting, durable ceilings, which make them easy to forget. However, the porous material in many ceilings makes them vulnerable to dirt, water stains or tile mold.

Tile Inspection

When you evaluate your ceiling, look for tile discoloration or warping due to water damage. Even if your roof is intact, suspended ceilings are susceptible to damage from:

  • Leaky pipes
  • Humidity or condensation in the ductwork
  • Dust and dirt, especially around vents

Grids can also become warped or rusty from exposure to water and humidity.

Your ceiling may have collected more dust and dirt than you expected. Wipe the grid with a damp cloth and some cleaner to see if it makes a clean spot. If so, your ceiling tiles are dirty, too. Clean your ceiling with a soft broom or a gentle commercial cleaner with no solvents.
Now is a good time to check any pipes or ductwork above the ceiling, especially in areas that appear stained or damaged. Cleaning your ductwork as part of a general maintenance routine will reduce the amount of dust above your ceiling.
If you find tile mold, a professional remediation company can help you find hidden water sources and mitigate damage.

Tile Replacement
If you need to replace some of your damaged tiles, check to see if the manufacturer still makes your pattern. It's a good idea to buy what you need plus about 2 percent extra to have on hand in case of future water damage or tile discoloration.
If you notice a big color difference between the old and new tiles, consider replacing all of them for a uniform look.
Maintaining the ceiling in your Spring City, PA, facility is a good way to keep problems like tile mold and excess dirt from getting out of hand.