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Rogue grease fire! Help!!

2/7/2020 (Permalink)

Cabinet Affected By a Fire Residential grease fire that affected the home with soot and smoke damage.

Just IMAGINE! You are in the kitchen frying up some of your favorites than out of no where you see smoke coming from the oil and then BAM! There are flames jumping out of the pan! WHAT SHOULD WE DO!


Always make sure your first step is to turn off the gas or electric stove top you are cooking on! Make sure to not move the pan to prevent anymore oil coming out of the pan which could cause a larger fire and even injury.


This will cut the fire off from any oxygen. Never use anything glass or plastic to cover a grease fire due to the high temperatures it will cause it to melt or shatter. 


This will help remove the oxygen which will cause the flame to go out. NEVER use flour or baking POWDER on a grease fire as the two together can amplify the intensity of the fire. 


Not all extinguishers put out the same fire. Grease and oil fires require a Class B extinguisher. A multipurpose extinguisher can be used as long as the label indicates class B on the label. 


Keep your personal contents safe after a tragedy!

2/4/2020 (Permalink)

Water damaged couch The couch was affected by water entering the home and making this item non-salvageable.

The final goal is to make sure you collect all valuables that might have been damaged or destroyed and create a list for your homeowners insurance company. Remember to document and list the value of every item. If any receipts are available make sure to submit that as well. An amazing tip is to go to a local large store that has a registry scanner and scan all contents that you own that have been affected by water to have a price sheet to submit to your insurance for your claim. Negotiate a settlement with your insurance company to get the most money back to be able to replace all your valuables. First step in a water loss, ALWAYS report your claim promptly and always make sure you completely understand your policy and what is covered and what is not. Never rush into a settlement, it may take longer than you anticipated but it will be worth it to make sure you are detailed and accurate with your contents to get back what you have lost. Never claim items that you DO NOT HAVE. This is a felony and will not make your claim go through any faster or pay out anymore more money. For the water loss portion of the mitigiation process call SERVPRO of North East Chester County, the professionals to come in and help clean up the affected contents and structure. 

Wind, flooding and damaged homes in Mississippi

2/4/2020 (Permalink)

Home destroyed by the Storm in Mississippi Home destroyed in Mississippi, homeowners went back to the home to obtain any belongings that they can get from the outside.

A storm slammed through Mississippi on January 11th and destroyed homes, buildings and knocked out electricity of thousands of people. The storm swept through the Midwest and south taking the lives of at least 11 people and  left thousands of s homes damaged. there was a confirmed amount of 7 tornadoes that has happened that caused the intense weather that has affected a lot of people in the Mississippi area. Here at ,SERVPRO of North East Chester County we are committed to helping out our local franchises that are located in the area that were affected by the storm to ensure safety for all people and homes that were affected. We work together to do the clean up after the storm. We have a storm team that are emergency response that will be there when you need us.  Every franchise is highly trained and certified in fire restoration, water mitigation, board up of homes after storms, mold remediation and much more. SERVPRO of North East Chester County are very well rounded and have amazing customer service skills which helps with getting to know the major concerns of every customer and making sure their home is back , "Like it never even happened." 


2/4/2020 (Permalink)

After hours emergency services Emergency Service call came into our office after business hours due to a leaking pipe in a residential home.

SERVPRO of North East Chester County professionals are qualified to always help. What SERVPRO can do will make a difference.


Restoring the property back "Like it never even happened," is our first priority. We know our customers appreciate the emergency response and know everything is being done to lower the amount of damage that has happened. 


If requested by homeowner or business owner SERVPRO of North East Chester County can provide you with an itemized loss inventory list. 


All information is available in our Claims Information center. 


A Complete Job File which in tales First notice of loss, a estimate that is broken down in specific details, photos of all affected flooring, structure, contents, etc., all required paperwork.


Training is the only way to ensure that the customer receives the proper service that they deserve. Each technician and crew chief are trained to IICRC standards in Fire and Water Restoration.


SERVPRO employees job is to ALWAYS reassure the customer and to always perform at your best. We ensure complete contact and communication with the claim adjuster as well as the homeowner. At times like this when you have needed to call emergency services, we dedicate ourselves to make it easier for YOU.

What makes a water damage such a big deal?

1/30/2020 (Permalink)

Sewage Back up- Cause of Loss Sewage Line back up in a residential home which is a Category 3 Loss.

Water is a constant worry when it has to do with it coming in and damaging your home. It is amazing how much good water does for a human being but how much damage it can do to your home. BUT! There is good news! Water damage losses can be prevented by (i.e. automatic shut off valve) or mitigated by us, SERVPRO of Northeast Chester County. There can be many ways water can enter the structure of your home and cause so much damage, this includes:

1. Water Line Failures- which are connected to your washing machines, sinks, toilets, and ice makers. 

2. Plumbing or Appliance Failure: Washing machines leaking, dishwashers, or even your water filtration systems.

3. Pipes: Pipes can break due to freezing, age, lack of maintenance or even can have been installed improperly. 

4. Water Heater Failure: Which I find to be a common cause of loss. These heaters can leak due to corrosion and need to be replaced every 8-10 years. 

5. Overflow Plumbing fixtures: Overflowing sinks and toilets. 

6. Improperly installed construction: Roof not installed correctly, siding errors. 

Any home or business can sustain damage from a water leak. Always make sure to make yourself aware because if water damage is not dried properly and handled by trained technicians than it can start to cause secondary damage which can be mold that can be harmful to your family or employees. 

The Sweet Smell of Sucess

1/22/2020 (Permalink)

Electrical Fire In Master Bedroom All personal contents will be completely cleaned and odor free.

The biggest part of a fire damage is putting it behind you, but it is hard to do that when everything surrounding you smells like smoke: rooms, desks, furniture and everything else. The smoke odor continues to contaminate the air and pollute your spirit. Smoke odor clings to every surface it comes into contact with. While you and your employees notice and complain about the air odor and air qualities your customers can smell the odor also and just might not want to mention it. Complete Restoration clears the air after a fire as caused damage to your business with odor elimination and deodorization techniques. Our specialty techniques get rid of smoke damage such as electrical, protein and nicotine. First step is to pre-clean the affected areas prior to setting our eliminating equipment such as air scrubbers, ozone machines, negative air machines, and deodorization equipment. Every document, photo, soft good and furniture have to be cleaned from top to bottom to property eliminate the odor. SERVPRO of North East Chester County is equipped with the technique and equipment to do the job right!

We let out work speak for itself!

1/21/2020 (Permalink)

The SERVPRO of NECC Family From owners, to technicians, to office staff, we stand together to get the job done!

Here, at SERVPRO of North East Chester County we pride ourselves in every field of work we do. We make sure every technician is experienced in customer service as well to insure that every customer is always taken care of. All technicians are certified in water mitigation, mold remediation, fire restoration, bio-hazard clean ups and even pack outs and carpet cleaning. Every franchise is independently owned and operated but when a natural disaster affects one of our corporate family franchises, we are always ready to help. SERVPRO offers storm team as well which when a terrible storm, hurricane, tornado, and any other disaster happens SERVPRO will be there to help any way necessary. SERVPRO of Northeast Chester County treats every customer, every client like family and to ensure happy customers, happy family!


1/20/2020 (Permalink)

Home Electrical Fire This home was damaged due to an electrical fire which has now affected the whole home with soot that can be damaging to breath in.

The behavior of fire is never the same, fire can start from any of the right combination of things. Always to make yourself fully aware when being around a open fire. Do you know what the fire triangle is? Well the triangle represents the three components that a fire needs to be able to exist. Heat, oxygen and fuel. If any one of these components were missing, the fire wouldn't be able to ignite. Fire can do more harm than good sometimes, fire can kill. Every year more than 3,800 people die from fire related causes. Most of these fires that have caused this could have easily been prevents practicing and using the proper fire safety. Did you know that most house fires start in the kitchen? Especially when cooking! Cooking fires often start from overheated grease and food being left unattended cooking. Smoke inhalation is a higher cause of death than the actual flames. Fire will take out all the oxygen from the room and replace it with poisonous gasses which end up taking away the oxygen in the room and killing humans. The most important fact is this.... 2/3 of all fire deaths happen in homes that do not have any working fire alarms. Your chance of drying in a house fire is completely cut in half if you have a working smoke alarm. 

Water Tips To Flow By!

1/20/2020 (Permalink)

Water Damaged Affected Ceiling Due to a radiator leak in the attic, water came through the flooring into the ceiling of a master bedroom.

Has water damage happened to you ? These are some tips you can follow to make sure things do not get worse. 

Make sure you are aware of the difference between floor damage and water damage. You might believe water is water whether it came from a flooding or a pip bursting in your bathroom. But flood damage is NOT covered under homeowners insurance. If you live in a area that is prone to flooding you would have a NFIP (National Flood Insurance Policy). 

Not all water damages are covered under your homeowners insurance policy. Most policies cover sudden damage, such as a burst pipe or a overflowing washing machine but will not cover if the property has not been maintained and small gradual leaks that happen causing a bigger problem over time.

Once a water damage has occurred the clock starts ticking and you need to call in SERVPRO of Northeast Chester County to help you out before it causes any secondary damage. 

Next, you will want to let your homeowners insurance company know right away to get the claim process started immediately.

PROS and CONS of... Water??!

1/16/2020 (Permalink)

Saving a Wood Floor One of our specialty drying mats that pull out as much moisture from the floor to prevent any damage.

When anyone thinks of water, they think that it is healthy for you; everyone should consume water everyday and it keeps you hydrated. Well water might be the most amazing thing for the human body, but if water enters a home or a business it can be the start to nightmare if left untreated for long. Water coming into your home/business can cause major damage to your belongings, the structure or your home/business, and even upset you! If left there for over 24 hours without any tending to it can cause walls and ceilings to rot and fall, flooring to start growing mold and start to curl up and become non salvageable and then must be replaced which can become a hassle for a homeowner, a business owner and their customers. SERVPRO of North East Chester County has highly trained IICRC technicians and state of the art professional drying equipment to help ease the damage that could happen. We have emergency services that technicians are on call to be able to arrive as soon as possible to save all your belongings and home/business before it's too late!