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Snow Storm Season is coming QUICK!

10/16/2019 (Permalink)

Mud affected this entire basement from the stream overflowing due to the huge rain storm we had in our area. Rain Storm + overflowed streams= SERVPRO of North East Chester County

Snow is coming quicker than we expected; make sure to prepare your home before any storm! Packing an emergency kit including a first aid kit, clothes, flash lights and batteries! Any children? Make sure to have game and coloring books available also! To make an attempt to avoid any damage to the structure of your home make sure to put away any lawn furniture you may have. Also trim the branches around your home to avoid any broken windows as well. The most difficult part of preparing for a storm is how to avoid having your home damaged. Taking all necessary precautions doesn't mean that there is not a chance of anything happening. That's why SERVPRO of North East Chester County is available 24/7 for all your storm needs. Our technicians are fully trained to handle any disaster and most importantly make sure YOU are comfortable while we restore your home back to the way you had it. 

Gotta Keep the Doors Open!

9/26/2019 (Permalink)

  Who has time to deal with this water damage and the repairs? SERVPRO of North East Chester County!

Phones are ringing off the hook... deadlines to meet... customers to call-back... employee issue needs to be handled right now... and all of it RIGHT NOW! Sound Familiar?  It likely does if you own or manage a business in the Phoenixville area.  So what happens when you experience a water damage that is way outside of your normal business operations - even the hard stuff: call SERVPRO of North East Chester County!  Our highly-skilled and well-trained Production Team has exactly the type of expertise you need to mitigate your damage and get your business back to looking the way that it should with the least impact to your day-to-day operations possible.  We are exceptionally sensitive to meeting the needs of any business we are working in, just as we are a small business that appreciates things running smoothly.  Whether water damage, fire, or mold have your Chester County business off the rails, we have the know-how, skills, and attitude to keep business "as usual" as possible while we get things back to normal.

A Lot Tread on This Carpet!

9/26/2019 (Permalink)

  Let SERVPRO of North East Chester County restore your business carpets to their best appearance...and smell!

In our Chester County businesses, we often use terms like "commercial-grade carpet" or other terms far different from the plush, lovely ones attributed to the carpets in our homes, when describing the flooring we, and our Customers, walk on everyday.  But that doesn't mean that our commercial flooring doesn't deserve the same kind of TLC and attention!  The cleanliness and appearance of all aspects of your business speak volumes about the pride that you take in every detail, and should reflect the same level of care that you pay to Customer interaction or other aspects of your day-to-day.  While it is true that the type of carpet used in Pottstown and other surrounding area businesses is likely not the same quality as that in your home, it does not mean that skillful maintenance and cleaning cannot go a long way towards extending the life of it and keeping it looking its best.  Dirty carpets in your business can also lock in bad odors and contaminants that our professional equipment and techniques eradicate while replacing them with a clean look and smell.  SERVPRO of North East Chester County is your Chester County go-to for commercial carpet cleaning!

The Hurricane Can Keep Its Remnants to Itself!

9/26/2019 (Permalink)

  Even when the storms don't hit us square on, the remnants may bring damages all their own - SERVPRO of North East Chester County is here to help!

We are still in hurricane season, although the major effects have luckily kept clear of our Chester County homes and businesses for the most part.  High winds can ravage building facades, requiring window and door board-ups; downpours of rain can require basement pump-outs and other professional drying techniques; and if these effects are not mitigated in a timely manner, you could be dealing with mold issues.  SERVPRO of North East Chester County is your answer to dealing with whatever remnant effects the weather patterns of hurricane season may bring your way; and we are ready to respond twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week!  SERVPRO Franchises at large dedicate tremendous resources throughout the Country to rush into the areas most devastated by storm activity to help as many people as possible.  All the while, we have Teams of our best at home, in Chester County, ready to help you should a storm hit, or in case the remnants bring stormy weather!

To do or not to do?

7/31/2019 (Permalink)

This barn was damaged by a fire; we have restored it back to new "like it never even happened."

When tragedy happens to your home such as a fire and you see everything you own affected due to the fire/smoke that was in your home there is a few things to help not further any damage to your belongings. 

1. Make sure that if it is necessary to move contents in your home around to always keep your hands clean, that way you do not cause any further damage to your upholstery or walls. 

2. Always place a clean towel or old linen down in high traffic area to avoid damaging any flooring that may have be able to be restored.

3. Always make sure your electricity is turned off. Once it is safely turned off dispose of all food in fridge/freezer and keep items that can be salvaged. Then make sure to prop open the doors.

4. Houseplants can be saved! Just make sure too clean both sides of their leaves!

What NOT to do yourself:

1. Do not attempt to wash or wipe down walls yourselves. SERVPRO of North East Chester County has specialty items and a certified team to come in and clean with our specific tools and equipment to ensure proper cleaning for your home. 

2. Do not consume any food that may have been affected by the fire. 

3. Do not try to wash your own clothes as it may damage your personal washing machines due to the intense smoke odor. SERVPRO of North East Chester County can take care of that for you. We will bag it up and have specialist take care of it for you!

SERVPRO of North East Chester County has detailed and certified technicians to property restore your home to become "your home" again with our intense fire training and knowledge. 

There is never a job to big to handle

7/31/2019 (Permalink)

Local Business affected by water- quickly restored and open within a few days.

There is never a good time for a water loss or fire damage to happen to a major business or a local town shop business. Every minute that passes after the damage has been done, revenue and productivity is lost. Call SERVPRO of North East Chester County to come in and help you get your front doors back open as quickly as possible. Our highly trained technicians are able to work quickly and effectively to clean up the damage to get right back to normal. 

In case of an Emergency, always make sure to keep yourself and family safe!

3/8/2019 (Permalink)

2019 Snow Storm

Storms can affect us in any season whether it be a wind, snow or rain storm; it is always good to be prepared for anything. Make sure you and your family create an emergency preparedness plan by routing the best possible escape routes out of a dangerous weather situation and make sure to practice them as well. Also make sure to keep a stocked supply of food and necessities to be able to feed your family for a lengthy period in case stores and/or electricity are unavailable. Always make sure to have a first aid kit for minor injuries.  SERVPRO of North East Chester County have deep-seeded family values and wants to make sure you take care of yourself and family in an emergency storm situation rather than worrying about your home. SERVPRO of North East Chester County will come and help you restore and mitigate any water, fire or wind damage that may have been caused by a major storm. We are here to help YOU and make you feel safe within your own home again.

How to control the moisture in your home to avoid Mold.

3/8/2019 (Permalink)

Humidity mold growth, Home in Phoenixville PA

Controlling the moisture in your home is most important to avoid mold growth. Installing a good quality storm window not only will keep out excess moisture but also help you control your heating cost. Using a dehumidifier is also another easy way to reduce your home’s relative humidity level, but the important part is to make sure you are purchasing the appropriate size dehumidifier for the space it is being used in.  When the temperature is cold outside the humidity level within your home should remain low. Proper ventilation is essential to avoid mold growth as well. SERVPRO of North East Chester County understands that things happen within a home that may become out of the homeowners’ control and the moisture in your home could have caused mold growth that may not even be able to be seen. Our technicians are trained in Mold Remediation and will come to your home to clean and sanitize any surface that was affected by mold growth as well as using our air quality machinery to clean and purify the air to restore your healthy home.

The DO's and DONT's of Fire Damage in Your Home

3/8/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage can be devastating to home owners and their families. It is a difficult event to overcome but there are simple things to do to motivate the process and certain things that you shouldn’t do within your home after an event like this.

DON’T: Use your AC, heater or any electronics

DON’T: Eat any leftover food that could have been affected

DON’T: Wipe away any powder from the extinguisher

DO: Call us at SERVPRO of North East Chester County to come in and help you restore your home after this tragic event that has happened within your home. We will start the cleanup process immediately, also bring in our specialty equipment to get rid of the smoke odor which could cause health issues over time if it is not done properly by trained technicians.

The Stink of Despair After Fire Damage

3/8/2019 (Permalink)

It is hard to put “the fire behind you” when everything smells like smoke. Every room, desk, furniture and even the walls. The smoke odor continues to contaminate the air around you and your employees. Employees may start to complain about the poor air quality within their work environment and customers may start to notice the smell of smoke and wonder about the quality of service you provide.  Cleaning after a fire has accrued is a difficult task, and if not done effectively, which includes cleaning every single surface, the time spent trying to do it yourself was a waste. We at SERVPRO of North East Chester County have the capability and the tools to be able to clean every inch of your business to ensure proper work space for your employees and customers. We use specific odor elimination and deodorization techniques which include an initial clean, a pack out of all contents within affected areas, and placing equipment such as air scrubbers and negative air machines to start the air quality cleaning process. SERVPRO North East Chester County is available to help with any situation that can occur within your business, and to ensure quality service for every customer.