Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire damage in barn.

Barn Takes on Major Fire Damage

A fire ravaged this barn in Northeast Chester County, PA. When you face a disaster like this, you can call our SERVPRO team anytime 24/7. Our teams are equipped to handle any kind or disaster and the most severe catastrophes. If your property has been damaged by a fire, SERVPRO is here for you!

Fire Damage Restoration in Phoenixville, PA

Residential fires can have many sources and varying levels of damage, but the end result always requires a professional, high-quality restoration effort.  We at SERVPRO of North East Chester County are proud to provide just this very service to our Phoenixville neighbors.  We understand the mixed emotions that will undoubtedly be experienced by the homeowner and their family - which is why our entire team takes a personal approach to all of our services.  There are often little things that we can identify and assist with, that really go the extra mile to make our customers and friends feel like their burden is shared.

Grateful Spring City, PA Customer Snaps Pic of the Crew

While assisting a happy customer with an electrical fire that affected their home, the homeowner snapped this great picture of Mike, Michael, and Matt, and shared it with us.  Here is what she had to say about SERVPRO of North East Chester County's provided service:

"Our residence had an electrical fire and the entire three floors of the home were filled with smoke. We called Chris at SERVPRO and his team responded quickly. They knew what processes to use to remove the smoke odors and they helped us go through the process of getting our home back in shape. His crew was professional and pleasant to work with. Thank You to Chris and his team."

Air Scrubber Working Hard in Spring City

When you have a fire in your home or business, like this Spring City homeowner, the odor is not the only thing lingering in the air - there are also pollutants and air-borne debris that need to be drawn in, captured, and filtered out.  Air scrubbers like the one seen here are ideal - especially when paired with charcoal filters - to purify air after a fire and make the air healthy to breathe.

Even Small Fires Need Big Clean-Ups

As the owners of this Spring City home learned, even small electrical fires like the one depicted can cause tremendous amounts of smoke damage and lingering odors that require professional remediation that SERVPRO of North East Chester County provides.

Fire Scorches Mechanicsburg, PA Bedroom

A small electrical fire in this Mechanicsburg, PA home was luckily detected early in this second-floor bedroom.  However, the smoke damage was significant throughout the residence and required a thorough clean-up by our skilled SERVPRO of North East Chester County technicians.  The homeowners were thrilled by our professional service and the efficiency with which we were able to help get them back on the track to business-as-usual.  "Like it never even happened."

fire damage

Electrical Fire in Phoenixville, PA

Emergency Services

This electrical fire was the cause of a significant amount of smoke and soot damage to a property in Phoenixville, PA.  The property manager couldn't believe how far into the adjoining areas the damage extended, but was very pleased with how professionally and knowledgeably our SERVPRO of North East Chester County Production Manager was able to assess the damage and prepare an appropriate scope of work.  We sent a large team to facilitate the restoration and had the property back up and running within 48 hours - much to the delight of all who utilize the space!