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equipment in place

Proper Water and Mold Damage Equipment

SERVPRO of North East Chester County has proper equipment and procedures for your water and mold damage restoration emergency. We use air scrubbers to remove particles from the air that could be a danger in your home or business.

Proper Procedures

SERVPRO of North East Chester County strives to differentiate ourselves by always following the proper procedures to complete the job in your home or business the safest way.  That means avoiding opportunities for cross-contamination that may put you and your family, not to mention our crew, at further risk.

Committed to Clean Carpets

Our technicians here at SERVPRO of North East Chester County are professionals when it comes to dealing with dirty carpets and those pesky, hard to lift stains. Here we have our Crew Chief, Michael, operating one of our portable carpet cleaning extractors. Michael has over five years of experience with SERVPRO of North East Chester County and loves tackling those hard to clean stains. This apartment, which had more than a few spills, happened to be on the 3rd floor of an apartment building. No matter the size of the apartment or the location, SERVPRO has the latest in technology in equipment and cleaning products that enable us to get the job done quickly and most importantly correctly every time to help make it, "Like it never even happened!" 

"Do It Right, the First Time..."

As a family owned and operated SERVPRO franchise we understand the importance of our customers satisfaction and always work to ensure feelings of security and comfort inside your home or business while we work to make it, "Like it never even happened." However, old sayings die hard in our little SERVPRO family and that's why we pride ourselves on SERVPRO of North East Chester County's owner Mike Andris' timeless phrase, "Do it right...the first time." There's more to this saying but I think those of you who have heard it before can agree just the first bit is enough...and here at SERVPRO of North East Chester County, "Do it right...the first time," always ensures that we make it, "Like it never even happened."   

Ready To Rock and Roll!

SERVPRO of North East Chester County always takes the utmost care in making sure your needs are satisfied correctly and most important, SAFELY. This includes properly outfitting our crews with the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Here we have two of our Technicians, Erika and Paul in full PPE getting ready to tackle a Bio-hazard clean-out and repair in Pottstown, PA. 

Fine Fall Weather for Repairs!

When a Spring City resident experienced water damage in his kitchen, SERVPRO of North East Chester County was called to mitigate the damage. Upon completion of the mitigation services we were also contracted to perform the repairs necessary to get this residents kitchen to look, "Like it never even happened." This photo was taken of Mike, an owner and Alex one of our crew chiefs mid-repair. You can always count on SERVPRO of North East Chester County to get the job done right and fast and always with a smile! 

Our Crew

SERVPRO of North East Chester County in a nutshell. Our SERVPRO Franchise Professionals understand the philosophy, "you're only as good as your last job." This means that we treat every water loss, fire damage, mold remediation, and every other job we take on as if it were our first and we take pride in satisfying our customers completely. 

SERVPRO Employees pose for picture.


Here for You

Our team at SERVPRO of North East Chester County is highly trained, professional, and adept at providing a personal touch while we take care of whatever comes your way!  Let us make it "Like it never even happened."