Water Damage Photo Gallery

equipment in place

Water Damage Mitigation Equipment

Water Damage in Phoenixville, PA

No matter how big or small the job, SERVPRO of North East Chester County has the right equipment for the job. Our team arrived immediately after a call to begin assessing the job. We get the crews started and make your loss "Like it never even happened." 

water damage from pipe break

Conference Room Damage in Phoenixville, PA

SERVPRO of North East Chester County is ready to respond 24/7, 365.  This wall and flooring suffered significant water damage from a pipe break. Give us a call to learn more about water damage in Phoenxiville, PA and surrounding areas.

exposed flooring and drywall removal

Conference Room Demo

This was the aftermath of a conference room that suffered from a water loss. There was significant water damage to the floor and drywall.  Our team worked long hours to get the conference room back open. Our team can make disasters "Like it never even happened." 

air movers in place

Proper Drying Equipment

SERVPRO of North East Chester County has the proper equipment to restore your home or business after a water loss. We have the experience to mitigate and provide your property with proper drying techniques to get you back to pre water conditions quickly.

Water heater and equipment

Water Damage in Spring City, PA

SERVPRO of North East Chester County responded to find significant water damage after a water heater leak. We used air movers and proper drying techniques to dry properly to prevent secondary damages. Our crews make it "Like it never even happened."

Kitchen water damage

Kitchen Water Loss

This kitchen suffered from a water loss.  SERVPRO of North East Chester County responded quickly to assess and begin clean up.  The drywall was removed to expose the wood for proper drying and prevention of secondary damages. 

Floating Carpet in Phoenixville, PA

If a carpet is deemed salvageable after a water loss - meaning that the source of the water was clean and there was not substantial damage as a result of the water to the carpet and backing - then "floating" it is a common technique.  By providing air flow below the carpet surface, moisture can evaporate more easily and hence dry out the carpet more efficiently.  We add a professional-grade dehumidifier in most cases, which captures the water vapor and also raises the temperature of the affected area to make the drying factors more ideal.  Once the carpet is dry, we can re-stretch it to lay flat once again, leaving the area ready for a carpet cleaning and back to an enjoyable space!

Water Intrusion in Malvern, PA

Water Intrusion from the outdoors is a surprising disturbance that some homeowners like this one in Malvern, PA discover after heavy rains.  If there is not adequate drainage around a home, or even if there is but another variable is present, groundwater can force its way through foundation walls.  Even homes that have never experienced such a phenomenon may one day draw an unlucky hand.  SERVPRO of North East Chester County makes sure to treat the symptoms, while providing suggestions to cure the problem based on our extensive knowledge base and experiences - we have seen it all!  If you experience a water intrusion from groundwater, give us a call and we can help "wade" through it!

Water Damage in Phoenixville PA Basement

Water runs downhill - or down floors in the case of water damage!  In this Phoenixville, PA home, a toilet leak on the second floor wreaked havoc all the way down to the basement, hitting all of the floors in between.  SERVPRO of North East Chester County was able to track the moisture and make sure that it was professionally and appropriately handled to avoid secondary damage and mold growth.  There was some demolition involved, in the form of removing drop-ceiling tiles, some drywall, and some kitchen flooring, but the end result was a dry and healthy post-mitigation canvas, ready for repair.

Warping Wood in Phoenixville, PA

Hardwood floors definitely do not like getting wet!  After a heavy saturation, like these Phoenixville, PA home floors, they often "cup" or may even buckle, as the water is absorbed then begins to dry.  Sometimes SERVPRO of North East Chester County can save hardwood floors, and sometimes they need to be removed and replaced, but the sooner we get on-site, the better the odds for being able to salvage your hardwood.

Sump Pumps Are Great! When They Are Working...

If your basement has a sump pump, you might want to make sure that it is properly wired to continue working even if your power goes out.  We often are called to remediate water losses in basements where the pump failed or never kicked on because the power went out...make sure you have a back-up plan!

When Your Feet Go Squish!!!

"Where do we even begin??" might be the immediate thought if you got out of bed in your Spring City, PA home, like this homeowner!  Water losses can happen at any time and often go undetected for hours - especially if they happen in the middle of the night.  The easy solution is to call SERVPRO of North East Chester County, and we will be on-site, pumping water and getting things under control ASAP!!!  We have the equipment to pump out all of the standing water, then extract from your carpets and hard surface floors, to start the drying process and make it"Like it never even happened."

Water Damage in Phoenixville

Water damage can lead to microbial growth if not promptly and properly remediated.  Our technician, Matt, is pictured here removing drywall from just such an instance in Phoenixville - the water damage had leached up the walls and provided an ideal environment for mold growth.  We discarded the carpet and pad, removed only as much drywall and baseboard as was necessary, and successfully dried the area.  Next up for us...the rebuild!