Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Phoenixville Home Gets a "Flood Cut"

When Mother Nature decides to dump immense amounts of water on the region, SERVPRO of North East Chester County rises with the tides!  As with this home, a common approach when storm and flood waters rise into your Phoenixville, PA home, is a "flood cut," which involves removing the baseboard, insulation, and drywall that has leached up invasive waters.  After the drying equipment has done its job and the area has been cleaned and sanitized, it is time for us to start the buildback - to make your home feel like home again, or as we say, "Like it never even happened."

Phoenixville Storms Took This Home To Bare Bones!

Well, technically speaking, SERVPRO of North East Chester County did, as part of the necessary demolition and drying process to "calm" the storm!  When heavy rains, winds, and storms hit the region, water sometimes seems like it's coming from everywhere!  Through foundation walls, in windows and doors, you name it... The most important call that you can make if you experience home damage as a result of Phoenixville storms is SERVPRO - our response team will be there in surprising time, to take control of the situation and give you the upper hand on Mother Nature, as we help you get things back to "Like it never even happened."

Storm Water Moving Into Mechanicsburg Basement

When the storm is raging outside, it seems even the storm water seeks shelter - in your home!  We can spring into action and minimize damage as soon as you call - remember, the sooner SERVPRO is on the scene, the lesser the damage will be!

Hide & Go Seek: Hidden Moisture, You're It!

Storm activity can saturate the ground and cause groundwater to force its way through building materials and into your home.  However, it may not always be immediately apparent where the water is getting in!  At this Phoenixville home, we cut a small hole to send in a fiber optic camera into this confined space to avoid having to remove significant building material to sneak a peek.  Oftentimes, however, we can utilize other, less-invasive technologies, such as infrared and non-penetrating moisture meters to find the culprit!

Not a "New Carpet Smell..."

One of the first questions that homeowners ask when they experience a water loss is "what about my carpets?"  Great question!  Not such an easy answer though, as there are several contributing factors to if carpet is salvageable or not.  This carpet in a Mechanicsburg, PA home had to be removed, but we are often able to dry and clean water-affected carpets to restore their feel and smell.  Our experienced technicians will be more than happy to discuss with you so we can make the best decision together!

Water Table at Unprecedented High in Camp Hill, PA

The "perfect storm" can be further compounded when the water table sits at an unprecedented high, like it did in Camp Hill, where this picture was taken.  Adequate drainage is vital to prevent groundwater from literally seeping through foundation walls, as can be seen here.  There are also methods to effectively seal out the moisture by employing moisture barriers between the foundation or exterior walls of your home and the moist ground.  SERVPRO of North East Chester County's experienced and professional technicians have the know-how to deal with the water loss you may experience during a storm event, and also guide you through making sure the next storm doesn't rinse and repeat!